Shubho Bijoya – III

Lamps of Faith

Ashtami as it is the most chaotic of all the four days in Durga puja and the crowd for anjali simply beats all logic and calculations(flaring tempers too)…..amidst all this I caught the sight of these 3 ladies trying to light up the lamps for offering at the feet of Goddess….don’t know why I was touched by the sight.

Rupankar - my fav

I don’t care what kind of a person he maybe personally but one thing is for sure he is one of the best entertaining singers of today’s time in the Bengali circuit…. gifted to a solid baritone voice and an amazing enthusiasm, it was a delight to watch Rupankar Bagchi perform live and sit just a row away.

Garba raas

It was an absolute delight to shoot the guys in my society perform on the jazzy beats of dandiya and this pic surely takes the trophy…..Saylee you rock babes!!


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