Sept 2011 – Last day

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Ganpati Bappa Morya

Well incase you are new to the blog(or have a strong memory), this is the special Ganpati puja that takes place at one of Dad’s closest friends, Durve uncle on the 4th day or Chaturthi of Navratri…..for more details click HERE


Aum Ganeshay Namah

What better way to end a month than a generous darshan of Ganpati…..simply loved this shot for its sheer beauty and divinity…..

Troubled grandpa

This was a scene to watch at the puja…..Durve uncle had a real tough time handling two of his grand nieces and it was absolute fun to watch these kiddies throwing around their tantrums. This was one of the chance shots and I actually love it for its imperfection… 😉


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