Sept 2011 – IV


Amidst all the chaos and confusion reigning on the official workside, the only relief were these few hours in the morning that I spent with these two-winged creatures outside my balcony.


Happy couple?

 Caught this sparrow couple building their home-sweet-home next to my window. Gauging from the shot, it seems they were having their lover’s tiff moments….hmmmm….clash of thoughts maybe…


Flying high

The best of the morning were these bunch of young parrots who daily create a riot with their cackling sounds and their playful banter….unfortunately my SLR lens wa too big to take it out of window…was almost about to land up with a sprained neck after this…. 😛
C’mon dude……

Capturing their friendly duel in a series of shots was an absolute delight… more words to express it!!


Saved the best for the last…can’t say the pictures meet completely upto the standards but these particular shots left me thoroughly impressed with my SLR…..will do much better for sure!! 



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