Sept 2011 – III

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Waiting and waiting and waiting….

 Finally after a 9 day break I could get to visit a sarvajanik ganpati mandap ….the one outside D-Mart and couldn’t believe when I saw the loooong queue outside….felt like I have reached some village celebrations with the hawkers selling everything under the sun…



 Undir Mama ….Ganesha‘s carrier…and the only person who enjoys the maximum leverage at all times..why? Well he is the sole mediator between all our wishes,secrets and the Bappa.

Clicked one of the kids whispering his wishes to the Rat-God in the hope that it will get fulfilled ASAP 😛




These were the words that crossed my mind when I stood in front of Him. Just couldn’t bring myself to move away from him…I couldn’t visit Lalbaug (sob sob)….but this beautiful replica left me amazed nonetheless

Ganapati Bappa Morya!!


Mesmerizingly melodious

 I really don’t know the name of the singer but I can say one thing….his soulful voice coupled with the marvellous idol of Ganpati created an atmosphere so divine and enchanting that I was left STUNNED 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sept 2011 – III

    1. lolzz……you said it babes…

      btw….there was almost a line after the kid….the wish-list that day was surely pretty loooonnnng….wonder if there is some SLA for ganpati as well?


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