Sept 2011 -II

Same old turn...

Three consecutive sleep-deprived nights plus all the arrangements for the puja, had left me haggled the day after Ganesh chaturthi…..but the simple thought of visarjan was enough of a catalyst to leave early for the day and join the gang….

Is mod se jaate hain
kuch sust kadam raste, kuch tez kadam raahe
patthar kee hawelee ko, sheeshe ke gharondo me
tinkon ke nasheman tak, is mod se jaate hai…

clicked this shot while awaiting for the bus at panchkutir…brought back quite good old memories….had taken the same shot almost a year back and loved it once again.


Getting ready for visarjan

Nothing beats the sadness than seeing off your favorite deity and wait one more whole year for his next arrival….will sorely miss you Ganpati 😦

High above the sky....

 Clicked this pic while waiting for a rick outside my house to go to the dance class…the mobile camera shot may not be able to convey fully the beauty of the moon but nonetheless….the bird flying was an added bonus 😉


My Muse.....

An amazing artist,designer and an extremely frank(to the point of being brutal) girl ….that is Ragini for all of you….seriously admire your talent babes…keep it up!!

Thanks for being a patient and sporty muse for an amateur photographer like me!!


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