Aug’2011 -V


A lady whose energy and enthusiasm puts a 20 something like me to shame, a show for which each of us in Aratrika gave a bit of us to make it a success, a stage that recreated Konark right in Matunga and a stellar performance that was simple AWESOME……Clicked more than 200 pics on my poor digicam but posted the one pose I loved the most….

Shyama aunty you truly rock!!

Pillars of Aratrika

 A big big round of applause, hugs and kisses for these absolutely wonderful and gorgeous ladies….presenting to you the pillars of Aratrika and the support behind this wonderful show.

Bottleneck Traffic....a Mumbai speciality

Absolutely Mumbai special….the extremely exhausting,mindless Mumbai traffic…..exclusively for the office-goers and available at anytime of the day or night….grrrrrr… fed up!!!

Clouds again

Cannot really explain my fascination for clouds except for the fact that I simply loving clicking them…..shot this one while waiting haplessly on the E.E Highway for a damn bus/auto 😛


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