Aug’2011 -IV

365, Festive, Friends, Human Relations, Just Like That

Govinda aala re aala

It was amazing to see hordes of govindas crowding on the roads,trucks,bikes and cars… seems they were just about everywhere you can seeclicked this pic while returning early from office on that day

V.Y.C Govinda Group....

 Totally out of focus(thanks to my poor digicam) and yet you simply cannot miss the enthusiasm and excitement in everybody’s attitude…had one hell of fun,frolic and sweaty time….:-D


Although I do miss my E5…but my new Sony Ericsson Hazel simply leaves me stunned with the picture clarity.Couldn’t help but post this pic even though I have none of the privileges except for owning the camera a.k.a the phone…

Model: owned by Dinesh Jadhav

Photographer: Saquib Kazi

Camera a.k.a Phone: Moi


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