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Kelwa Beach…Our 2nd Team picnic

Awesome and Fantabulous

Got a great hands-on Shanbhag’s Canon EOS 550D and wished that I would get mine ASAP 😛



After an extremely hyper-active Saturday…Sunday was the day to simply hit the covers and who better a company than my lovely,cozy pillow….that explains the shot I hope 😉


Shanbhag a.k.a Spock


Shanbhag a.k.a Spock

Well, the farewell week has once again begun and what better a parting gift to our Spock a.k.a Shanbhag than a T-shirt depicting the same… 🙂

P.S: Do notice how oblivious Khushi is to all the activity besides her and completely engrossed in finishing off the cake on her fingers ….lolzzz



Lakeside View

 One of the few places in the city I really love to shoot any time of the day,month and year…Talaopali



Last Farewell Party @ Pizza Hut

After a loooong farewell week and a lot of emotional atyachaar to Shanbhag, we went for his final farewell treat…had loads of pics to select from, but this one steals the prize for the funny expressions on both of their faces 😀

All the best Shanbhag….Live Long and Prosper!!


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