Beat the Heat
Beat the Heat 😛
what better way to cool off the afternoon sizzle than a pair of nice cool sundaes 🙂
Asha broke her chappal, we landed at Galleria to get a new one and then finally Baskin & Robbins came to our rescue from the sweltering heat….reportedly it was the hottest day of March’2011 at 41.6 deg C
Holi Hai....


Holi Hai….
Well guys..this is the first pic from my new Nokia E5….it surely rocks….did feel mighty bad when leaving my old mobile(Nokia 5310)…but made sure that it stays with me 🙂


HBD Shivam!!
Holi on a sunday = deadly combo.
A day of playing with colours and then enjoying a nice India v West Indies W.C match….it was time to head off to Shivam’s birthday party and we made sure to stuff ourselves nicely with loads of fun n food :-)….btw, incase you wanted to see a deserted Mumbai….today was the day 😉


Chilling at the breakout area
Shripal pointing out to Shanbhag’s prosperity(err..tummy) or his new wardrobe…..any guesses?

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