Hopefully this is the last month of my batch updates as I soon plan to go back to my regular old up-2-date style of posting….


Music,music and music….

There is only two stuff which can relax you no matter what state of mind you are in….Good Book and Great Music….am simply loving it 🙂

Splitting the clouds


 Splitting the clouds

Seems like ages when I have seen such a lovely morning…this was a chance shot taken on my way to office and was simply staring it minutes after I took the pic…..was really heart-warming

P.S: My mobile seems to be slowly dying out..wonder how long it will be till I go for the new one 😦

Long drive....


Long drive….

Sometimes a small drive to meet someone after a long wait makes the drive look so loong…:-P

Hate falling sick...

Hate falling sick…

I hate (like the rest of us) falling sick with petty fever and cold, but the worst part is the long wait at the doc and then landing up with some utterly horrible medicinal course…..damn!! 😦 😦

Shot this when waiting at the doc….somehow I felt that the expression on both of their faces were starkingly similar…whatsay?


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