January’2011 – IV

22-01-2011 – Rescue of a Hapless Pigeon

A poor,frightened and lost soul….brought this pigeon home on my way back from dance class….seems it was harassed by those stray dogs and looked totally in shock. However, seeing a new intruder in their locality, the local pigeons left nos tone unturned to drive him away..somehow managed to rescue him for two das before setting him free πŸ™‚

22-01-2011 –Β Poo.B’s Mehndi n Sangeet

It was an absolute riot when we went to Poo.B’sΒ mehndi…the bestest part of it-well, all the five of us together after ages….had a blast later at Abhi’s place with BBB playing on the comp.Β 

23-01-2011 –Β Poo.B’sΒ  Shaadi

Finally the D-Day arrived when the one who was least expected to get married let alone first of us allΒ got on the pedestal. Must say, she was looking damn damn beautiful..mmwaahh babes πŸ™‚


Loved the mehndi and its beautiful dark color even after 3 days….just couldn’t resist taking a pic…btw my poor digicam was damaged after a disastrous fall during the engagement….so will have to do with my poor mobile till it gets repaired.


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