January’2011 – II


Saw Mom and Dad off to Kolkata…..pulling off a whole week on my own does give slight jitters but unable to join them is really pulling me down. Hope everything goes of fine. Miss u guys already 😦

Β  10-01-2011

Got up early and totally forgot that they have already left…..have a feeling that this week will surely teach me the actual pace of a working lady cum house-keeper!!


Β  14-01-2011

Have had a pretty hectic week…..cooking,cleaning the house,office,tidying up..phew!! Hats off to Mom totally….btw clicked this pic on the way to Di’s house for lunch…superb profile pic I must say

Β  15-01-2011

And they crossing the tracks is illegal and dangerous…..


This was a refreshing change in my routine (missing Mom & Dad)…..tons of thanks to Di for taking me to this festival…saw a few amazing and some so-so performances…did gear up enough courage to drive all the way to MulundΒ  and am pretty happy with myself.



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