Kaustavi Sarkar

2nd Day: It was an absolute riot today… what with some true mind-blowing performances one after the other and the damn power tripping off multiple times right in between!!


First rains


Pravat Kumar Swain

Grace, stance and poise — defined to the tee!!

Dancing in itself is just not enough is what I realized for myself today..watching inspiring performances one after the other are an equally essential part of it.


Ramcharitamanas - Rajashri Praharaj


Ramcharitamanas – Rajashri Praharaj

The perfection and dedication with which each one of them executed their performances left me with a feeling of a small kid in a candy shop….there is so much around and I know so little!!

Karna - Lingaraj Pradhan


Karna – Lingaraj Pradhan


Karna again


Karna again

Frankly speaking there were far too many performances out there which were superb (if said simply) and capturing all the shots was totally impossible for me coz shooting takes so much of your attention that you hardly get to enjoy the wonder in front of you and finally after this shot I resigned my camera 😛

The only regret for this evening was that I missed the two most awaited performances of Aruna Mohanty and Sangeeta Dash…ofcourse I did get a sound rebuke from Di about it :-‘(


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