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Ganpati bappa again



Ganpati bappa again

Surprised as to how Ganpati came back again and that too in Navratri….welll voila!!

This particular Ganpati puja is held specially at one our very close family friens….Durve’s. The story as heard from Durve uncle has it that quite a few generations before, the head of the family had brought idol of Ganpati during the month of Bhadrapadi.e the birth month of Ganesh. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances he had to leave the house even before the puja could be done. He instructed his family members to just put haldi-kumkum on the idol and that the “pranpratishtha” would be done when he returns. Lore says, he returned on the Chaturthi during Navratri and completed the puja of the idol.Since then, their family has been celebrating Ganpati during the Navratri and not during the regular month.

Ganpati Bappa Morya….again!!



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