Farewells are always saddening esp when it is the someone very close to your heart.

Recreating Thane

12-09-2010 #1

Recreating Thane

The same holds true for Ganpati….waiting all year long just to welcome him and then to bid adieu within a few hours…its just not fair 😦

Shevatchi Aarti

12-09-2010 #2

Final Aarti before Visarjan 😦

Start of the Visarjan

12-09-2010 #3

Start of the Visarjan…

Even though we realize the omnipresence of God, the heart still starts equating Him as one among us….We laugh, we cry, we scold, we desire and yet we worship him!!

Dham dham dham dhol baaje

12-09-2010 #4

Dham dham dham dhol baaje

With a heavy heart, I bid him Goodbye and also start praying for his early arrival next year. Just wish that till then, everything goes on smoothly 🙂

Miss you Ganpati 😦


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