Ganpati Bappa morya….Mangalmurti Morya

Ganesha at my house

11-09-2010 #1

Ganesha at my house

Just wish for happiness and healthy living for my family and all my loved ones. The only thing I can ask for right now is peace of mind,strength of heart and loads of patience (all of which I lack badly) 🙂

Light of Devotion

11-09-2010 #2

Light of Devotion

All the hard work and late-nights paid off when our decorations simply took everyone by surprise…..all thanx to Ganu Baba!!

Pyaara Punto

11-09-2010 #3

Pyaara Punto

The day was simply made a lot more memorable when this extremely adorable member made his grand entry 😀

Animals are speechless gifts of God and no matter what you do, they will love you till they die….a very rare quality in humans!!


2 thoughts on “11-09-2010

    1. I wish it was true but no..that’s not my pet….had an invite to a puja at one of the girls in my dance class….they recently got this puppy and he is an absolute darling!!


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