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Which one to choose?


Gosh..today morning was a whirlwind!! It’s a ritual that the day you get up late everything else starts moving faster than usual (or is it just relativity). However , inspite of my mini-marathon till the bus-stop I couldn’t resist but click this pic of the helpless cock sandwiched between his two hen….I mean it looked like a super pot-boiler saas-bahu saga kind of scenes…lol 😀

P.S: At the cost of sounding cheesy, I cannot help but sing this particular Hindi movie song…Ek taraf hai gharwali, ek taraf baharwali……hahahahahha


6 thoughts on “26-08-2010

  1. I have to say that since I started following this blog and read the concept of 365 project, i realised one thing. There is so much thought and effort we put into our daily routine that it is easy to miss some of the beautiful things around us..
    Continue the good work


    1. You bet!!
      Infact even I realized how difficult it is to maintain this discipline ona daily basis, but am making my best efforts…..lets see how far I proceed!!


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