Lush greenery


A long due trip to Titwala was much more healing to the heart and soul when the whole route was adorned with lush greenery till the last belt of the horizon…made me feel more closer and connected to Him πŸ™‚

Happy Onam


What more can you ask for than a sumptuous lip-smacking fantastic “sadhya” loaded with lots of motherly affection and large doses of friendship!!!

No matter what happens, this one meal is one I wouldn’t miss for anything at all πŸ˜›

Golden Lining


After a jet-setting Sunday, the icing on the cake (large one) was the beautiful view of the sky while returning back home. Such magnificent and stunning prints on the sky left me totally spell-bound!! This one is the “Golden lining on the clouds”

P.S: Learnt a very very important lesson though the hard way –> It’s good to attach value to stuff but not more than they matter. Got back my “lost” camera from a person who just “lost” his father a week back…..how materialistic of me 😦


7 thoughts on “22-08-2010

  1. I love that last photo! The clouds are kind of a perfect shape.

    And don’t worry about being happy about getting your camera back – you never know what other people have gone through, and it might have actually made that person feel better after his loss to make you happy by returning your camera! πŸ™‚


    1. hey am glad you liked the pic!!

      Yes, what you say is true…infact I remember that uncle was pretty happy to see me relieved…so yes happiness is a two-way matter sometimes πŸ™‚


  2. hey aditi… hope u guys remembered me while u were @ shyam s place for the ‘sadhya’… what a wonderful time we had the last time all of us met.. hope we continue with the fun whn I am back to India.. Nice shot of the skyline..


    1. u know what Jaya…aisa ek bhi minute nahi tha when Krunal , shyam and I did not think of you…..right from the time we met till we left his place tujhe bahot miss kiya. Infact aunty and laxmi bhi bahot miss kar rahe the tujhe….we were all infact surprised that it was just a matter of last year when you were supposed to go for your higher studies and ab tere lautne ka bhi waqt aa gaya hai….jaldi aa jaa….reunion karenge fir se!!


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