Sunset at lakeside


With nothing much to do on a lazy Sunday evening (coupled with Independence day), Mom and I decided to go for a stroll.  After an enthusiastic walk till Big Bazaar, both of us decided to make full use of the rain-less evening and go to Talaopali (check out on Google if you don’t know!!). Guess half of the town shared the same feelings as ours and the lakeside seats were full.

Sunset at lakeside

Nonetheless, got a seat at the centre overlooking the whole lake. The visit was made worthwhile by the view and the shots…..too bad I did not carry my camera 😦

Opposite Lights

Was amused by the contrast of the lights at both the ends of the frame….Natural at one and Artificial at the other but with no challenge to each other. In fact, it was a perfect complimentary relation….just one is about to fade, the other one takes up its place and viz.

Felt at peace and cannot express that in words 🙂




2 thoughts on “Sunset at lakeside

    1. Glad you liked it….infact even amidst all the crowd there, the peace of watching the sunset and its reflection on the water is simply awesome!!


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