Unlike my previous posts, this one has a series of pics I clicked while sitting leisurely at my gallery enjoying the pleasant breeze and the raindrops….

Pigeon Pose #1


Spotted this cute pigeon perched on the extension outside my gallery as if intently listening to our neighbours’ talks

Pigeon Pose #2


The interest seems to be fading with the minutes and now hygiene takes more priority over gossip for our Pigeon

Pigeon Pose #3


Wow..thats a head turn….I never knew pigeons have an ear for gossip 😉

Pigeon phase #4


Finally our Pigeon needs some rest for his out-stretched neck and this is the cutest of the lot!!

P.S: Watched Inception with Di and Wriju…..amazing movie but difficult to grasp fully.Gifted Di the saree I got for her on the occasion of “Guru Poornima” her…hope she likes it


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