Flicker of ….

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Spotted this diya at the Powai garden during my occasional walks with an air of melancholy around it.

Looking at the diya I felt as if it was waiting to be picked up, filled with oil and most importantly to light up the space around. Must’ve been in demand during the festive times but now is nothing but a piece of garbage just lying around to be dumped off unceremoniously.

I guess I do sound like I’ve lost IT, but given a chance I could almost write an autobiographical post on the lamp (just like school days)..will settle with the phrase “Forgotten Flicker” till then!!!




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There are days when you come across certain moments during performances that get etched in your memory. Continuing with my earlier post , published 4 months back to be precise, here comes my second lot of pictures from the archives. 

Some are recent and some are years back and yet put together in a collage , they speak a story of their own..!!

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God & Angel

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This picture was taken at this year’s Anant Chaturdashi when I spotted a procession outside my house. It was an adorable sight to watch these little bundles of innocence playing around totally aloof of the magnanimity of the idol.

Honestly speaking it was these kids that captured my attention more than anything else for they truly represent that which we seek  – Purity, Innocence, Truth and Happiness 

Somewhere we all have this child alive inside us even today and all it takes is just a bit of madness to release that kid. For it is proven time and again that the ones who make a difference around them are the only ones who still have this child in them alive and kicking…!!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Rounded

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Well, I was really happy to read the topic albeit a bit late , but because a few days back on a random walking spree I coincidentally clicked two shots which fit the theme to the T ..!!

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First and third shot are taken 2 days back at a chai cafe (Chaayos) which is close to my heart for all the memories it holds with my near and dear ones ….makes me nostalgic 😀

Second shot is taken at a recent dance festival I visited in Bengaluru in the artists dressing room and it is actually the headgear in one of the traditional Indian classical dance forms from Orissa – Odissi … my first love 

Final shot is taken at this year’s Durga Puja (Indian festival) and it is actually a Sudarshan Chakra granted to Goddess Durga by Lord Vishnu during her fight with Mahishasur, the demon….!!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Glow

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Finally the festivities are over, guests have bid adieu, the fireworks have been shot, the sweets & snacks are gobbled up and the gifts have been exchanged…in short one of the biggest Indian festivals is done with …!!

And what a coincidence , the topic for WPC is also “Glow“….couldn’t have come at a better timing 🙂

Diwali diyas

The way a Diya can add that special Glow not only in a house but even in the heart is Wow

Diwali fireworks

No matter what is your age but the excitement of watching an anar light up is still child-like … 🙂

Diwali lantern

This lantern was Glowing in that dark sky so brightly like Hope …!!!

And finally one picture that I took a few weekends back…honestly I was feeling a bit low that evening but this radiant Sunset filled that much needed “Glow” in my heart ….am glad I didn’t miss it 🙂

Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset – Glowing Like Fire


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Kojagari Lakshmi Puja 2017 – I

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Realized that last week from my stats that the demand for Kojagari Lakshmi Puja details are pretty high across the globe. Infact, was really glad that my older posts were of help . As  it is, even this year’s pujo was awesome and the highlight for me was that I made the narkoler naaru (coconut sweet) for the first time ever….and it tasted extra sweet 😛

Pujo prep

This year the weather was horribly hot thanks to October gods and MSEB random power cuts but you had to see Mom’s determination in getting all things in place and here I was wondering how does she do all that with so much ease :-O

Kojagari Lakshmi Puja setup

Although she did keep on cribbing about the lack of space since we changed the directions, nonetheless she managed to fill up every inch that was possible. Ofcourse, it goes without saying that I was more than happy to help her making some of the delicacies …by the way can you spot the plate full of yummy naaru 😀

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The Alpona pictures are coming soon..though not professional types but I was personally happy to see my progress in the free-hand department after a long long time…hope you enjoy too..!!


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